Many will agree that making memories during the holiday season is far more appreciated and valued than any gift that one can give. What better way to make memories than a Christmas party for friends and/or family? For some, a traditional Christmas dinner party or the ever-popular ugly Christmas sweater party is suitable. If you want to step outside the norm and have a unique Christmas party, we have some ideas of themes for you.

Santa’s Helpers Part

The focus of this party is to give to those in need. Have guests dress as Santa’s helpers and bring a wrapped toy that can be donated to charity. It’s a great way to give back to the community and have a lot of fun in the process by dressing up and enjoying good food and company.

Santa Helpers

Christmas Movie Character

There are so many classic Christmas movies such as A Christmas Story and Charlie Brown Christmas that guest will have plenty to choose from to dress up as. It’s a great way to have everyone be creative and you could make a contest for the best costume.

Multi-Cultural Christmas

This party is potluck style with guests bringing an international dish to share with everyone. Think of it as having Christmas from all around the world. To make it even more fun, guests can also dress in a outfit native to the country that their dish derives fun. It is bound to informative and delicious.

White Christmas Party

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Everything is all white. Guest wear white and all the décor are white. If you live in the South, chances of a snow on Christmas are slim to none. This party gives you a White Christmas with a little twist. Just be careful not to drop food or drinks on your white attire!

Christmas Decorations

When planning the décor for your party, don’t forget to check out Jutemill . We have table runners, ribbon and burlap for all your decorating needs.