Many of the products offered by Jutemill LLC, are made from natural jute fiber. There are many who are not familiar with jute fiber and why it is our preferred choice of material. Jute is a long and soft vegetable fiber that is extracted from the bark of the white jute plant. Its golden and soft qualities have led to it being called, “the golden fiber.”

Once extracted, it can be spun into coarse and strong thread for many uses that include:

• Burlap

• Hessian sacks

• Garden twine

• Backing for carpeting

Burlap sacks

In addition to its many uses, jute fiber is extremely eco-friendly. As a plant, there is little need for fertilizer or pesticides, which make a good product for air quality. It is biodegradable and enriches the soil in which it grows in as well. Jute fiber is naturally organic, making it the most recyclable and environmentally friendly fiber worldwide.

Jute Bag

Jutemill enjoys using jute fiber as a contribution to “going green” and being socially responsible. We offer many burlap ribbon rolls, table runners, and placemats that are made from jute fiber. Our products are sturdy, durable, and attractive. We are bound to have what you need for hour decorative needs. Please check our selection on Amazon or Etsy and shop with confidence that you are getting the best product available.