Burlap, also known as the Hessian fabric is created when skin from the natural jute plant is woven together. Its derivation from the jute plant is where burlap gets its coarseness. This part of the jute plant is also known as sisal fibers. In addition to being strong, the fibers are durable, easily dyed, and resistant to both water seepage and heat. In many instances, the sisal fibers are combined with other vegetable fibers to create products such as ropes or nets. Using the name Hessian is popular in the UK, as Hessian soldiers commonly used it during the American Revolution.

Burlap Sacks

Due to its versatility, burlap is popular and highly sought after product. Burlap can be used in a variety of different lengths, widths, and weights. It can also be sewn, laminated, and dried for repeated use. A popular use of burlap is to make bags. Many industries use burlap bags to ship their goods so that they can be protected from moisture. The strong fabric also protects against damage from being shipped from one location to another. Other uses of burlap include:

• Making furniture by providing extra support to the inside of various pieces.

• In the landscaping industry, burlap can be used to protect trees and plants from heavy winds or to prevent erosion.

• Burlap can add a rustic touch when used to decorate the home or for a special event.

• Various art projects employ burlap such as photo frames, decorating vases, or making bows.

• In the garden, burlap can provide excellent protection to young seedlings, from mice and other rodents.

Burlap scarecrow

Burlap is a beautiful fabric. Moreover, it is inexpensive and biodegradable. The possible uses for burlap are endless. Adding lace or ribbon to the edges can make it more elegant. Using it as a table runner in its natural form protects the surface of the table while adding a touch glam to the room. Jutemill offers a plethora of burlap in different sizes and patterns so that you can bring all your dé cor ideas and other projects to life.  Fortunately, burlap never goes out of style. Therefore, you can stock up on as much as you like knowing that it can always be put to good use.