If you are in an area that has already seen its fair share of snow, it’s hard to believe that officially winter has not started. The good news is that you are not too late to winterize your home. Not only will your bank account be happy with these preparations, but you will also feel a lot warmer and at ease. If you aren’t sure where to start to get your home ready, we have some tips for you.

Invest in thick curtains.

During the day when the sun is shining, the sun can add warmth to your home, which allows you to not have to use as much heat. When it cools down at night, closing the curtains keeps the cold air out. If you are handy with a needle or sewing machine, make it a fun DIY project to make your own curtains. Jutemill has you covered on burlap that is used by many to make curtains.

Jute burlap for curtains


Seal gaps

Even that smallest cracks and gaps that seem harmless can let in a significant draft. Sealing these gaps is typically an easy job with caulk and foam. It will save on the heating bill and also keep out those pesky rodents looking for a warm home for the winter.

Program you thermostat

There is no need to heat an empty house. Most people don’t recognize how much it saves to program thermostats to turn down when no one is home and then go back up once everyone is home. There are numerous thermostats that offer this service with many allowing you to control the temperature from your mobile device.

Transition plants inside

While you certainly don’t want to shock plants by suddenly bringing them inside full time during the winter, you do want to slowly transition them indoors so they survive the frigid temperatures. Be sure to inspect them for bugs first and then start by bringing them in at night only at first and gradually increasing the time they are indoors.


Don’t forget about outside the home

Patio furniture that sits out exposed to the elements is at risk of rusting. Covering them prevents this from happening. Burlap and jute twine is great for tying trees and plants that cannot be brought indoors as well as for protecting your garden. For the roof and gutters, consider heating tape that prevents ice from forming.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the possible things that need to be done, there are companies that will come out and do an energy assessment. While some may be set with changing furnace filters, there are others who will need much more. It is best to cover all bases.