There was a time when wreaths were only associated with the Christmas holiday. However, over time wreaths have become a staple decoration. Particularly, burlap wreaths have become a popular year-round decoration for many. A quick search of the web will yield hundreds of burlap wreaths in addition to what is displayed in home décor magazines and craft stores. Their popularity stems from their ability to add a rustic and vintage touch to your home or a more modern feel with the addition of just a few embellishments. The great thing is that burlap wreaths are the epitome of versatility. While the numerous examples you find may seem overwhelming, they are just a guide. You have full reign of how you want your wreath to turn out.

Burlap Wreath

Burlap is great for making wreaths for many reasons:

• While burlap is beautiful in its natural state, it can also be dyed to any color that you want. For instances when you need a specific color for a baby shower or to decorate for a specific theme, you don’t have to stress about finding the color. Dying burlap is easy.

• Burlap can also be embellished. Lace, gold, silver, buttons, or pins are just a few examples that you can use to adorn burlap. The possibilities are endless based on how elegant or simple you want your wreath to look.

• Chevron, polka dots, or stars are just a few designs that can be printed on burlap. Printed burlap can be used as the base of your wreath to add a little spunk to your décor. Additionally, you can easily tie burlap into a bow to accent your project.

• Burlap is not only strong and durable, but it is natural as well. It is safe for the environment to be used as much and as long as you wish. Burlap’s natural properties also make it biodegradable.

Wreath decorations

Wreaths are great way to represent different seasons, to make your door the most attractive in the neighborhood, or to decorate for a holiday. Jutemill offers many different types of burlap as an inexpensive way to bring all your wreath ideas to fruition. Visit us today and let the fun begin.