Sisal fibers are taken from the fleshy dagger-shaped leaves of sisal plants. Such plants are commonly found growing best in areas that are hot and dry. Sisal plants grow year-round, reaching maturity after about two years. At maturity, there are between 180 and 240 leaves produced. Pesticides and fertilizers are not essential during the cultivation of sisal plants. Thus sisal fiber is known for its environmentally friendly qualities, as it is biodegradable. Typically, mature sisal plant leaves are 1 to 1.5 meters long and 10cm long.

Sisal Fiber

Mature leaves are beaten, crushed, and brushed away to get to the fibers. In some areas, the fibers are washed to remove the remainder of the waste from the leaves. The drying process is very important in maintaining the quality of fiber. Better grades of sisal fiber have been found when artificial drying is used instead of sun drying. The final part of the process is to brush the fiber and sort by grade. Once extracted, sisal fibers are quite long (1.2 meters) with a creamy white or yellow color. The advantages of sisal fiber are:

• It is both strong and coarse. These qualities allow it to act as a good insulator.

• In addition to its length, the fibers are stretchy.

• The fibers are naturally resistant to bacterial damage.

• The fibers are also able to withstand exposure to saltwater without causing deterioration.

Sisal Fiber Rope

Sisal fibers have an abundance of uses. Ropes and twines are popular choices because of its strength and durability. Additional uses include asbestos alternative, specialty paper, carpet, and mattresses. Jutemill is proud to offer customers several different choices of sisal fiber in fun and vibrant colors. Our sisal fiber can be used in a variety of decorative ways. Use our sisal fiber in baskets, to spruce up your floral arrangements, as well as your many other DIY projects. The fiber is safe to have around both kids and pets, which allows for endless possibilities. Additionally, it is a product that is perfectly safe for the environment. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase or we will happily offer a refund. There really isn’t a way you can go wrong.