The next time you plan on going out shopping locally, consider ordering what you need online. Aside from the convenience of not having to leave the house, there are eco-friendly benefits to shopping online as well. People who live in rural areas have to travel a considerable distance to retailers. They are the ones benefit greatly from online shopping and e-commerce delivery. The environment benefits as well since in contrast to traveling to traditional retail stores, ordering online decreases energy use and carbon emissions by at least 30%. Online purchases cut out the need to transport items to the retailer, which in turn eliminates the 65% emissions that come from transporting items to retailers.

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Brick and mortar locations create a larger carbon footprint on the environment that is attributed to the required energy and upkeep these physical locations require. This is in addition to carbon emissions and waste that come along with operating. Online stores typically house their inventory in warehouses that don’t require nearly as much resources for operation.

There are some who ride a bike or walk to stores, which is great for conserving energy and reducing emissions. Even those who are fortunate to have needed items at retailers that is on the route home instead of traveling miles away play a part in engaging in eco-friendly activities. For some this is not feasible and what turns into a normal practice of driving across town for items could do some damage to the environment over time.

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