Dyed burlap ribbon, patterned burlap ribbon, or burlap ribbon in its natural color is a wonderfully versatile accessory. Purchasing burlap ribbon is not an expensive ordeal, which allows you to purchase as much as you desire. Aside from being made from natural jute fibers, burlap ribbon is lightweight and the perfect rustic and elegant detail to a project. There are many possibilities and different ways to use burlap ribbon that include:

Holiday Decorations

The ability to dye burlap or print designs on it, make it perfect for different holidays. For Christmas, ribbon can be used for wreaths or rustic ornaments. For Halloween, the ribbon can be used to cover pumpkins. It is even great for holidays such as the Fourth of July, where star printed burlap ribbon can be used to make small flags.

Star printed burlap ribbon

Wrapping Gifts

When looking for a finishing touch for birthday presents or a package being sent to a good friend, you don’t have to look long with burlap ribbon around. Burlap ribbon adds the perfect touch of elegance and simplicity. Not only does it make wrapping gifts more attractive, it is also durable to withstand shipping.

Burlap ribbon for gift packing

Floral Arrangements

There are many who love to have fresh flowers in their home. An easy way to add some style is to use burlap ribbon to tie them together. Using burlap ribbon in floral arrangements is commonly done at special events for a rustic touch. However, it can be used for daily décor as well.

Placemats and Pillow Covers

If you are in need of placemats or pillow covers and don’t want to spend a lot of money, burlap ribbon can be the perfect item for DIY projects. It can be sewn or glued to larger cuts of burlap or other fabrics as a cute embellishment. The variety of burlap ribbon allows you to easily match the décor and color scheme of the room.

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