Burlap is such a great material for arts and crafts that many forget how instrumental it can be for gardening and landscaping as well. Particularly with the colder weather approaching, burlap is vital to the protection of plants. Burlap’s permeable and biodegradable properties make it a top choice for gardeners. It provides a barrier for weed seeds so that they are not able to germinate in soil, but is permeable so that water can easily flow through. Additionally, burlap is an inexpensive way to keep soil contained in hanging baskets as well root balls of young trees. During the colder seasons, burlap has many uses in the garden.

Burlap for gardening

  • Burlap is used to create screens and barriers to block harsh winds. It is effective in preventing the plants from drying out without having to wrap them up tightly.

  • • Rabbits and deer love to snack on fruit trees and bushes in the winter. Burlap can help prevent this by building barriers tall enough that rabbits cannot get in and deer will not even want to try.

  • • Large pieces of burlap can be placed on top of plants or crops to protect them from frost that may accumulate at night. The cover can be removed easily once the temperature warms up in the morning

Sacks for decorations

Gardeners love burlap as it is one of the most versatile materials on the market. Year round, it can be used to transport and as mulch. Many use it to grow potatoes and tomatoes as well. Its strength and ability to easily secure to the ground gets the job done effectively and quickly. It is also important to keep in mind that burlap is a natural product, which makes it safe to use and beneficial to the environment.

The low costs associated with burlap allows you to purchase as much as you want or need. Stock up on burlap today from Jutemill and make sure your plants are ready for the fast approaching cold weather.  With all the leftover burlap, you can create some cute garden décor for Halloween and the upcoming holidays as well.