It is estimated that close to 200 million people will celebrate Halloween this year.The stores will be packed with people scrambling to buy costumes for their family along with different decorations for their homes and lawns. Many people don’t consider how the products purchased will affect the environment. This does not mean that you should go around your neighborhood and discourage neighbors from engaging in Halloween festivities. Instead, let us provide you with five ideas of how to have an eco-friendly green Halloween.

  1. Recycle Halloween costumes: The millions of kids expected to go out and trick or treat means that there will be millions of costumes purchased in packaging that will create a lot of waste. A great alternative is to visit local thrift shops to find a costume. This can be just as fun as shopping for a new one and is bound to save money. Another option is to organize a costume swap.

Halloween costumes

  1. Avoid plastic jack-o-lanterns: These are typically a staple for Halloween, especially since it is so convenient to pick them up when out at the store. However, once they have served their purpose and thrown away, they take years to break down. Reusable grocery bags work just as well collect candy. Another option to decorate a burlap bag that can be used again and has the child’s own personal touch to it.

  2. Use natural decorations: Visit your local farmers market and purchase a few pumpkins to decorate your porch instead of purchasing plastic ones. Carving the pumpkins is a fun project for the family and you are likely to find someone selling hay, which is a great embellishment.

Halloween decorations

  1. Environmentally friendly travel: Some areas may be too cold to be out walking. In such cases, work with other in the neighborhood to organize carpooling. In other areas where the weather is not as cold, encourage walking in groups. Not only will it help the environment, but a great way to interact with others.

  2. Encourage DIY Projects: Aside from carving pumpkins for decoration, encourage friends to make their own costumes as well. Have fun with it and have a party where everyone wears a homemade costume. The most creative wins.

A green Halloween is still just as fun. It is a great way to instill environmentally friendly practices in kids and begin a trend for other holidays to come.