Christmas Eve is always such a special time for all who celebrate Christmas. It is the best to see how excited children are for Santa to visit and by this time, family that is visiting for the holiday has arrived. For many, this is the only time of year that the whole family is able to spend together. For these reasons and many more, try to do something special for Christmas Eve. The activities you choose to engage in don’t have to be anything elaborate. It’s the little things that make the day memorable such as:

Decorating the tree

Whether you haven’t gotten around to decorating the tree or were waiting on family to arrive, Christmas Eve is a perfect day to get it done. Turn up the Christmas tunes and bring out the appetizers for this fun festivity.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Opening one gift.

Perhaps Santa made one early delivery or the gifts for the adults are already under the tree. Opening one gift is a great way to get into the holiday spirit

Watch Christmas movies.

If the excited bodies in the house can sit still long enough, a Christmas movie is a great way to end Christmas Eve. Popcorn and candy are a must for this special treat as well as allowing the kids to stay up a little past their bedtime.

Christmas Eve dinner.

Though the big meal is scheduled for Christmas day, having dinner together on Christmas Eve is also a good idea. It doesn’t have to be anything big as the family will likely be content enjoying pizza or a bucket of fried chicken together. It’s the fellowship with one another that is important.

Christmas Eve Dinner

Attend a Church Service.

Many churches will hold a candle lit service. Even if you are not a regular attendee of a church, a visit to a service is bound to be welcomed and enjoyed.

We are Jutemill want to wish you all a very Happy Holidays. It is our hope that each and every one of our customers is filled with joy and happiness over the next few days as we celebrate and spend time with loved ones.