Of the 180 million people expected to participate in Halloween festivities, there are likely just as many adults included in this number, as there are children. While it can be expected that single adults will leave the trick or treating to the kids, parties will be at the top of the list for many adults. When an invitation to a Halloween party is received it typically is not a question of whether or not to go, but rather what costume to wear. Of the millions of dollars expected to be spent on Halloween, costumes are expected to make up majority of the expenses.

A cute costume doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, a more cost efficient option to make your own costume. Among the many uses of burlap, costumes are one. Not only will making a costume of burlap save money, it will be better for the environment. A burlap costume could be recycled another year or used in a costume swap. If the decision is made to discard it, you don’t have to be concerned about it taking years to breakdown. Here are 3 fun costumes that can be easily made from burlap.

Scarecrow: A scarecrow mask can be made from a burlap potato sack with the use of just a few supplies. You will need scissors to fray the end of the sack and to cut holes for your eyes. The holes in burlap make it easy to sew a little twine to make a sewn mouth. Paired with a flannel and overalls, you are set!

Burlap Scarecrow

Pumpkin: Don’t let the color of burlap throw you off. It can be dyed orange to create a pumpkin mask. Once it dries, you can paint on the face you desire. It can be a scary face or a big grin.

Dyed Burlap Material

Voodoo Doll: This may be a bit difficult for novice sewers. However, for those who are skilled with a needle or sewing machine, burlap can be made into a dress and adorned with pins and stitching representative of voodoo dolls

Voodoo Doll

Jutemill wants to help make your costume making process as easy as possible by offering you quality burlap at a great price. We also offer a variety of ribbon, jute twine, and lace to assist you in creating your best costume yet.