When the time comes to update table décor, most automatically choose to head to the store to purchase something new. While shopping can be fun for many, for others it is not only an expensive endeavor but also it is not friendly for the environment.

A great alternative is to make your own table from recycled materials or items that are biodegradable. You don’t have to be intimidated by DIY projects. There are so many options that are not only easy but also fun especially when it becomes a project for the whole family. Here are a few ideas for Eco-friendly table décor:

  • • Glass jars seem to always find their way into the recycling bin. Old spaghetti sauce jars, pickle jars, or wine bottles are just a few examples of glass jars that can easily be transformed into candleholders. Be sure to clean the jars well and you can then wrap them in burlap, jute rope, or printed ribbon. There are many options to match the décor of the room. You can go for a vibrant ambiance with brightly dyed burlap or leave the burlap in its natural color for a vintage feel. The best part of this easy project is that it can stay up year round.

Glass flower vase with burlap ribbon

  • • If candles are not your style, you can’t go wrong with flowers. Glass jars or wine bottles are versatile so that they can also be a vase. Decorate as discussed above and you can choose between real or artificial flowers. Both will work perfectly.

  • • Instead of buying placemats that quickly get dirty and may be hard to clean, you can create your own. Bamboo, burlap, or jute rope can make durable placemats that can be easily cleaned and reused multiple times. Keep in mind that burlap can be printed or embellished by sewing or gluing different adornments. Kids, in particular, will love to bale to make their placemat their own.

Burlap table runner

The best part about making eco-friendly table décor is that you know exactly what you are bringing into your home.

Bringing in items from the store comes with the risk of introducing different chemicals in the home that you are not aware of. Keep your family safe and help keep the environment clean and try these ideas today.