Decorating your home is often an overwhelming process for many people. Finding the perfect items for you home within a budget can lead to a lot of stress with all the different options available. One thing people seem to forget is that they can make a lot of home d├ęcor themselves. Those who opt for the farmhouse or vintage theme benefit would benefit greatly from the use of jute twine. Aside from using jute twine to make burlap, there are numerous DIY projects that can be undertaken with jute twine.

Jute twine for gift wrapping

• Burlap is commonly used to make wreaths, jute twine in its natural state can also be used for wreaths. An easy project would be to use a hot glue gun to secure the jute twine to a Styrofoam wreath frame. To take it one step further, you can easily add feathers, ribbon, or colored straw to enhance it.

• Instead of using ribbon to attach a tag to a Christmas or birthday gift, try using jute twine. It is sturdy and able to withstand the bumps that come along with being transported to different locations. It is the perfect accent for any gift.

• For those who like to recycle items, jute twine is a dream accessory. Empty wine bottles can be wrapped to hold flowers or left empty for a simple yet trendy table centerpiece. Old lamp shades, buckets, soup cans, or plastic bins are just a few items that can be wrapped with jute rope and used for decoration or storage.

• Crafters can use jute twine instead of yarn for crocheting projects. The strength of jute twine makes it an excellent choice to crochet a basket. Paired with leather handles, you have a modern, cute, and trendy basket. You could also crochet a rug for the living room or for the door entryway.

Jute rope for decorations

Use jute twine as much as you want. It is a natural product which makes it safe to have around your kids and pets.Jutemill offers a plethora of jute twine for all your DIY project needs. Visit our ecommerce websites Amazon and ETSY today and stock up for all your creative project ideas.