Are you tired of having the same ornaments on your tree year after year? Maybe you have a every type of ornament you can think of on your tree and are looking for something different this year. Consider using jute twine to give your Christmas tree a rustic feel. Two great things about jute twine ornaments are that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for the new ornaments and they are easy to make yourself. It is easy enough to use that your kids can help and even if you are a novice DIYer, you can make beautiful ornaments. Some examples of ornaments that you can make include:

Christmas tree jute skirt

Jute twine ball ornaments. This is will probably be one that kids especially enjoy. Start by blowing up a balloon the size of your fist. You then cover the balloon in a mixture or glue, cornstarch and water so that the jute twine will stick when wrapped around. After drying overnight, the balloon can be popped and you have a simple yet elegant rustic ornament.

Jute twine wrapped ornament balls. If you prefer not to engage in such a messy project, there is an easier way to make jute twine balls. You can use ball ornaments that you already have and glue the jute twine on it with a hot glue gun. It’s a great way to quickly transform ornaments that have chipped or faded in color.

Jute twine wrapped stars/letters. Local craft stores are loaded with metal or plastic stars and letters. Just as ornaments can be wrapped, so can these. A hot glue gun or the cornstarch mixture would work perfectly to secure the twine and create personalized rustic ornaments.

Jute twine flowers. This works well on glass ornaments. Jute twine can be used to make flower petals on the top of the ornament. Secure it with a cute embellishment for a beautiful creation.

Christmas tree burlap wreath

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