In addition to wrapping paper creating massive amounts of waste this Christmas season, there are many gifts that will be thrown out as well. For those who don’t have the heart to throw out right away, unwanted gifts may be re-gifted, stored away in the attic, or thrown away after some time. The packaging and material made to make most gifts are not good for the environment and will sit in a landfill for years before fully decomposing. There are many gifts that can be made or purchased that are eco-friendly and just as nice as other gifts. Here are a few items that you can be gifted that will make Mother Nature happy.

Burlap Tote. Our burlap totes provide eco-friendly style at an amazing price. Burlap is known for its sturdiness and durability. We also provide a modern touch of style to each of our bags. Additionally, we offer burlap to be purchased so that you can create your own bag.

Jute tote bag

Flower Vases. Mason jars, wine bottles, or other empty jars you have can be transformed into stylish vases with ease. Jutemill has burlap, burlap ribbon, and jute twine to help you transform your recycled jars into the perfect table adornment. A hot glue gun will tightly secure these to jars for a fast and easy gift that all are bound to love.

Mason jar flower vase

Odor Absorber. This may not seem like the most exciting gifts, but the ones who receive it will be most appreciative. Jutemill offers activated charcoal odor absorbers that can be used in shoes or anywhere else in the home that it may be needed. Recent times have highlighted the benefits of activated charcoal with special attention to the fact that it is antimicrobial and can be reused as an odor absorber.

While we have provided a few examples of eco-friendly gifts, there is much more that can be either made or purchased. Visit us on Amazon or Etsy so that you can start brainstorming different ideas that will be perfect for the people in your life.