Plastic is used so frequently on a daily basis that most people don’t understand the damage the damage it causes to the environment. At the grocery store, people are prone to choose plastic bags over paper bags. Cases of water in plastic bottles fly off the shelves.

At lunchtime, there are few that don’t pull out lunch that is in plastic Tupperware. Plastic that is discarded in the trash is just as harmful as plastic that is littered. This is because it is not biodegradable or easily recyclable. The chemicals are harmful to the airways and plastic itself pollutes waterways and the ground. As a result wildlife and their habitats are often harmed.

Though some find it hard to believe that there is life without using plastic, there are in fact other options that can be incorporated into daily life. Some eco-friendly alternatives to consider include:

Glass is not made from harmful chemicals like plastic. It is also much easier to recycle and reused. Glass storage is safer than plastic as well when storing food and heating in the microwave. It does not give off chemicals that could affect the body.

Glass products

Reusable Shopping Bags are becoming very popular. Many are sold in stores and can easily fit in your purse or fold up to be carried. Such bags are made from materials such as nylon, cotton, and hemp. A cost effective alternative is to make your own from Burlap purchased from Jutemill or our burlap canvas totes.

Metal is another material that is easier to recycle than plastic. Since it can be reused many times over, it is less likely to end up sitting in a landfill. Stainless steel thermoses are great for carrying water. They keep your drink cold or hot if preferred much longer than plastic.

Wood is another material to consider over plastic. It is both durable and renewable. Consider wooden toys over plastic as well as wooden furniture and other household items.

Wooden kitchenware

We owe it to mother nature to choose products that are kind to the environment. Though we are ingrained to carry on with what comes natural, we can all be conscientious in making changes in the products we use and purchase. Jutemill is proud to offer organic and biodegradable products for a variety of uses. Visit us today.