Once all the gifts have been opened and family leaves to go back home, it’s time for the decorations to come down and prepare for the New Year. With 2019 on the horizon, most people are setting goals and resolutions. For many, these are ones that we have all heard before including:

1. Getting physically fit
2. Eliminating debt/saving money
3. Switching careers
4. Doing more self-care activities
5. Practicing a new skill

Learn new skills

These, along with breaking habits such as smoking are all important for self-improvement. One to keep in mind along other improved behaviors is to be kinder to the environment. There are many daily activities that we all do as a part of our daily routine that play a role in harming the environment. Most don’t realize that with a few simple changes, there are things we all can do to reduce waste and energy usage.

Jute bag

A great place to start is looking at the products used in the home. This includes bags used at the grocery store, utensils used to eat meals, plastic water bottles and more. Changes practices to use reusable bags and water filters may seem trivial, but have a huge impact on preserving our Earth for future generations. In addition, there are always things you can do around the home to reduce the amount of energy used. Not only does it benefit the environment, but will save you money on monthly expenses as well.

Before the New Year arrives, we encourage you to take the time to sit down with your family and look for all the ways that you can live green. There is a lot of information available regarding changes you can make in the home. Once you start realizing the different things you can do, it is easy to make these changes into lifestyle changes.

As you make plans to make changes in the your home, visit Jutemill on Amazon or Etsy for items such as burlap that is organic and biodegradable. Burlap can be used in numerous ways in the home as a durable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.