For many carrying a bag of some sort is a necessity. Whether it’s for traveling, holding personal items daily, or shopping, there is always a need for bags. The market is flooded with different choices of bags to choose from, but for many, the decision to carry an eco-friendly bag is quite pleasing. Jute tote bags are a perfect example of planet-friendly bags. Not only are jute totes natural and biodegradable, but they are durable as well. The jute fibers used to make these bags are known for their strength and ability to withstand heavy duty use.

Jute bags

There are many reasons why a jute tote is an excellent choice that include:

• Jute totes are recyclable and reusable. Totes that are made from all natural jute can be dry cleaned or gently hand washed with a mild soap. Sometimes jute fibers are combined with other materials such as cotton and polyester which make the tote more durable during the cleaning process. Drying is completed by air drying or on a line followed by an iron (on low heat) if needed.

• There are numerous ways that jute totes can be customized. Organizations commonly use jute totes to market their company and products by adding their logo to them. The ability to dye and embroider them allow them to be used as party favors or to personalize them as a gift to others. Jute totes can be made in all different sizes and embellished with ribbons or flowers. Different handles can be added as well. A leather strap may be suitable for one person, while another prefers a bamboo handle.

• Jute tote bags In contrast to bags made from other materials, jute bags maintain their gloss over a long period of time. Such products that are not as durable require resources frequently for production which places a burden on the environment. Jute also decomposes quickly (weeks or months), but other materials used to make totes, such as plastic takes hundreds of years to fully decompose. This leads to pollution in the water and airways.

Jute tote bags

There is a misconception that using an eco-friendly bag takes away from stylish trends. However, as discussed earlier, jute totes can be customized to fit your needs. Think of it as purchasing a blank slate that allows you to express yourself how you like. Check out Jutemill’s Amazon and Etsy pages to find a jute tote that is perfect for you.