One way that natural twine is created is by twisting together threads of jute fiber. Using this natural fiber creates a strong thread that is easy to grip and work with. Once the twine is created, there are numerous ways in which it can be used. Commonly, it is used:

• Crafting -DIY projects such as decorating glass bottles, vase or bowl fillers, or floral arrangements.

• Gardening - making strong and durable nets or baskets to hold vegetables or to support gardening structures, or tying plants.

• Industrial - natural twine can be used for packaging, upholstery, rug making, and weaving.

• Household- décor accents, house repairs, garage organization.

Natural Jute Twines

The uses of natural twine are limitless. Typically, the strands are 3-ply and twisted making it not only strong and durable but also able to withstand fraying. Natural twine is also a popular choice since its natural properties allow for it to be biodegradable and pollution free. When it is no longer needed, birds can use it for their nests or you can add it to the compost pile.

Environmental awareness is important to Jutemill. We take pride in offering products that protect Earth’s natural resources while providing our customers with quality inventory to choose from. Natural twine can be used in various settings in an environmentally friendly manner.

Jute Twine from Jutemill

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