Aside from Halloween decorations, the Fall season allows for many other craft ideas to become a reality. During such times when there are so many possibilities for DIY projects, burlap is one of the best materials to have on hand. Burlap, which is strong, recyclable, and affordable, can serve many decorative purposes both inside and outside the home.

Halloween decorations-scarecrow.

Inside the home, burlap is the perfect choice for Fall décor accents since it can easily be transformed. Its popularity stems from the ease of using burlap to add a rustic touch to any space. Here are a few ways burlap can be used to decorate for fall:

Burlap can easily be wrapped around candles. This is a very popular way to dress up plain candles around the home or for your Fall table centerpiece. Attaching the burlap to the candle is done easily with a hot glue gun and you can add additional embellishments as you wish.

• The holes in burlap make it perfect for sewing. Specifically, burlap can be put into an embroidery hoop so that felt shapes can be sewed on. This is an easy project that kids can easily help out with and have fun adding their favorite fall decorations

• Burlap can give picture frames a cute and trendy rustic look. Even better is how fast and easily a picture frame can be transformed. Simply cut the burlap to the size of the frame and then place a fun picture from the local pumpkin patch inside and you’re done!

The fun doesn’t have to stop once the inside of the home is decorated. Burlap can also help to add some décor to the outside of the home as well.

• For the chairs outside on the porch, burlap pillowcases are the perfect addition.  An oversized needle can quickly sew together two large pieces of burlap around a pillow insert. Add some prints or shapes for a little more spice or keep it simple. Either way, it’s the perfect touch.

• Burlap is also strong enough to wrap around outdoor lanterns and either set on the porch or hang on a hook. You can also add a ribbon or two or felt leaves.

• Pumpkins are considered a staple decoration for fall, but how you use them in your décor is up to you. To incorporate the use of burlap you could use it in its natural state or dye it orange or red and wrap it around the pumpkin. Jute rope can be used to wrap the stem.

Halloween pumpkin

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