The cooler weather doesn’t mean you and the family or friends can’t get outside and have some fun. Sack races area great way to keep warm outdoors with all the movement, expel some energy, and have some friendly competition. The rules for sack races are pretty simple. All participants put both legs inside the sack that can either reach up to their neck or waist (your preference). The first one to hop from the starting point to the finish line wins. This is a pretty standard way of conducting a sack race, however, there can be variations added.

  • • Adding (safe) obstacles to the race incorporates fun twists. Cones could be added that participants have to go around. If the weather permits, add in lawn sprinklers as a surprise halfway through the race.  These obstacles and more are sure to keep everyone on their toes.

  • Sack races can also be made into a relay race where there is a large group of people participating. The more people, the more fun it will be. Each participant will take his or her turn getting from start to finish before passing the sack to the next teammate. Once the whole team has gone, they are done and first team done wins.

  • • A three-legged race is another option. Each person has a teammate that they share a sack with by putting the leg closest to each other in the sack. Together they race other teams to the finish line. This takes more coordination but still provides a lot of fun.

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Pillowcases can be used for sack races, but burlap is a better choice. Burlap sacks are stronger and recyclable. After each use, they can easily be shaken and hanged outdoors to get the dirt and/or odors out. Not only do schools, camps, and churches love sack races for the fun they provide, but they also help develop teamwork, coordination, and motor skills.

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