Velvet fabric can be made from different fibers. Cotton, rayon, and silk are common fibers used. However, velvet can also be made from linen or wool. Silk velvet is especially soft and shimmery. It is also more fluid than velvet that is synthetic and made from rayon. Velvet made from rayon will still have a strong sheen.   Velveteen is cotton velvet that doesn’t have as much sheen but is the most durable and strongest form of velvet. A special loom is used to weave the materials that are subsequently cut apart, piled, and wound on separate take-up rolls. The complicated process to create velvet often makes velvet a costly fabric. However, advances in process of making velvet have made it less complicated to make and easier to clean.

Velvet is a popular fabric because of its softness, smoothness, and high class looks. The properties make it a preferred choice for items such as:

• Clothing ( shirts, pants, blazers)

• Bed sheets and covers

• Curtains

• Upholstering couches, chairs, or benches

Velvet Products

Velveteen has many of the same use as traditional velvet such as clothing, upholstering, linings, and bedspreads. People often prefer to use it since it is less expensive than other forms of velvet, namely silk velvet. Additionally, many feel more comfortable having velveteen products around children and pets as it is made from cotton which is a natural fiber. Other popular properties of velveteen include its ability to combine easily with other fabrics, it can easily be dyed, printed, embossed, or stamped, and it is machine washable.

Velvet Pillow Cover

Jutemill offers a variety of pillow cover sets made from a velveteen. These pillowcases not only look great with high-quality printing on both sides, but covers are extremely soft and durable. They make a great addition to any area and provide protection to your pillow inserts. Your kids will love laying on them to watch television and friends will love the trendy design that it adds to your couch. There really isn’t a way to go wrong with them. Visit us on Amazon today to see our selection and brighten up your area.