Traveling during the holiday season often causes a significant amount of stress for a variety or reasons. Flights and hotel vacancies are expensive and hard to come by in addition to the stifling crowds. If you have chosen to avoid the headache and wait until after the holidays were over to travel, in many ways, you have made a good decision.

After the New Year, the prices of flights drop and typically remain cheaper throughout most of the month of January. Further, fares tend to be cheaper on Tuesday afternoons as a result of airlines matching prices of other Monday sales on fares. Traveling to northern areas is always risky wit the chance of heavy snow or ice. However, there are several other destinations that are perfect for winter travel.


The islands of Hawaii have always been a popular tourist location. A big reason why is the many activities that tourists can indulge in. Pass time visiting volcanoes and other natural wonders. Hiking, shopping, and relaxing by the many beaches are other activities to fill the days.


Jackson Hole

Many people enjoy this location due to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Needless to say, this area is great for those who enjoy outdoor activities. There are resorts for skiing as well as a plethora of wildlife to see including an Elk refuge. After a day full of activity, soak your cares away in Granit Hot Springs.


Though the flight to the UAE may be long, it is more than worth it. Dubai houses the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. The view from this building provides views of Persian Gulf. There is also the Jumeirah Beach, Ski Dubai, and malls to experience.


For this location, the Mayan Ruins are a must see. This is in addition to sunbathing or swimming in the bright blue waters. Tulum is perfect for snorkeling, inexpensive spa days, yoga, and Temazcal sessions.



The white sands are mesmerizing to go along with the aquamarine water. This southwestern island of Thailand allows you to experience a piece of paradise without spending a lot of money. Boat tours are a special treat as well as spa treatments.

Whether you are traveling with a group or friends, family, or solo there is plenty to see during the winter season. The best part is that you can choose an area such as Quebec City to indulge in the cold weather or escape it by visiting some place tropical. If you were not able to travel during the holidays, don’t put it off any longer. Take advantage of the deals available.