The tradition of Secret Santa is widely used in large families, coworkers, and groups of friends. Members of the group randomly choose another member of the group to whom they give a gift. One of the best parts of participating in Secret Santa is that you do not know who is getting you a gift until you open it. Aside to keeping whom you were assigned to purchase a gift for, other rules to help things go smoothly include:

Set a budget

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In order to prevent one person spending $50 while another spends $10, set a limit on how much everyone is going to spend. This will help to keep things fair and prevent participants from feeling slighted.

Provide wish lists

Even though you may have known a person for years, you still may feel stumped on what to buy them. Instead of having to stress over finding the perfect gift, have each person provide a wish list of items they would like or stores they like to shop. Gently remind participants to provide items that fit within the determined budget.

Plan a gift-giving event

A dinner at a restaurant or a house party is a great way to not only exchange the gifts, but to spend time together as well. A fun twist to the event is to try and guess who purchased your gift based on what the gift is.

Secret santa gifts

In today’s age of technology use, it is no surprise that Secret Santa has become a virtual practice. Multiple platforms of video chatting allow groups of people to see each other at the same time as they open gift previously sent to them. It provides a great way to connect and celebrate with people all over the world.

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