Soft shackles have recently gained a lot of attention as an alternative to using steel shackles, carabiner, or a quick link. This device is made of a 12- strand synthetic rope that creates a closed loop. This loop can be opened using a noose and a large stopper knot. A major advantage of using a soft shackle is its weight. A standard 7/16” soft shackle weighs only 120 grams which saves a lot of weight on your slackline setup. In addition to being lightweight, there are other advantages to using soft shackles including:


Synthetic ropes have a breaking strength of 16,000 – 30,000 which is stronger than steel cables that are the same size.


Soft shackles can be wrapped around a variety of things without damaging it or scratching paint.

Easy storage.

After use, soft shackles can be put in your pocket, put under the seat, or wrapped around your roll cage.

Jutemill's Soft Shackle

Jobs such as recovering vehicles are easier with soft shackles. You don’t have to worry about having recovery points for connection or that the synthetic rope will break during the toughest jobs. Additionally, soft shackles can be used along with tow ropes, winch ropes, or any other recovery tool being used. Soft shackles won’t rust, are safer to use, and are so light that they will float on water.

Jutemill is proud to offer synthetic rope soft shackles at a great price. We offer quality products in a variety of colors for off-roading, boating, and your recovery needs. Visit us today and yours for your next job.