We are currently full swing into the winter months. Along with the chilly temperatures, there are many areas experiencing snow and temps below zero that make it difficult to stay warm. It may be tempting to crank up the thermostat but it is important to remember that doing so increases energy consumption. Alternatively, there are other things you can do to say warm and cozy all while maintaining a low carbon footprint.

Grow Indoor Plants

Grow indoor plants and place in as many rooms as possible. The moisture produced by the plants trap heat in the area in addition to reducing the amount of dry air in the home. Liven up the atmosphere in your kitchen, bedroom, and living room all reaping the benefits of warmer air circulating.

Indoor plants

Use the Ceiling Fan

Rotate your ceiling fan to turn clockwise at a low speed in the winter. This allows the fan to pull cool air up. Warm air, which typically rises up towards the ceiling is pushed down along the walls and towards the floor. The room feels warmer and the use of heating devices is decreased. Using ceiling fans in the winter can reduce the utility bill by 15%.

Leave the Oven Door Open After Use

The more you use your oven, the warmer your home will be. To maximize the amount of heat you get from your oven, leave it open for a few minutes after you use it. You want to be sure the oven is turned off to eliminate risks of a fire.

Eco-friendly behaviors in the winter extend outside the home as well. Carpooling is effective during all seasons. However, the cold weather is harsh on many vehicles during winter, which makes carpooling ideal. Riding with others reduces the burden on one vehicle and reduces emissions. Purchasing seasonal vegetables and fruits is another way to reduce emissions since the items won’t have to be transported from areas far away. Local produce also is likely to taste better and be healthier. If you are in need to eco-friendly ways to cover patio furniture or protect your garden, or need material for winter ready curtains visit Jutemill for burlap and other items to help accomplish these projects.