Peak wedding season is generally late spring into early fall. Thus, most weddings tend to take place in June and September. The demand for wedding venues and other wedding essentials during this time make this timeframe the most expensive time to get married. Many couples desire to have their wedding during the warm weather or fall foliage, but there are advantages to having a winter wedding as well. While only a small percentage of weddings take place during the winter months, there are some advantages to picking a winter wedding date. Here are a few:

Less Demand for Services.

There will be less people looking for venues, photographers, florist, etc. which works to your advantage. You don’t have to compete with others for the vendor that you want and you are likely to be quoted significantly lower prices.

Stunning Photographs.

Wedding pictures in the snow will be gorgeous and out of the ordinary. Additionally, pictures of the reception will stun with winter white themes and peonies. Pictures of blankets at guests’ chairs will give a warm and cozy vibe to be captured.

Winter Wedding Photographs

Black Tie Event.

The winter months are the best time to opt for a formal event. Tuxedos and formal gowns are less likely to go over well with guests during the peak of summer. However, they are perfect for an indoor event.

Discounted Travel.

You are bound to have family traveling in for the big day. During the summer months, there is a high demand for flights when kids are out of school and it seems as though everyone is traveling. The winter months provides more availability for flights and hotels along with less demand and lower prices.

Less Chance of Wedding Burnout.

During peak wedding months, some can find themselves attending several weddings. This is in addition to attending bridal showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties. At some point, burnout is likely to occur. Since there are far less weddings in the winter, there is less chance of this happening during a winter wedding. The last thing you want is guest showing up drained or not showing at all.

Winter Wedding Rustic Decor

Winter weddings are just as beautiful and exciting as weddings during the spring or summer. A rustic winter theme is not only cute and cozy but popular and trendy as well. Visit Jutemill for all your rustic décor needed for centerpieces, table runners, and more.