Perhaps the most traditional Christmas decoration around is the Christmas wreath. During this time of the year, if you drive through any neighborhood almost every door will be adorned with some type of wreath. Each year people tend to get more and more creative with the wreaths they put up. To set yourself apart from your neighbors, you can create your own unique wreath. How you decide to embellish your wreath is of course up to you, but we have a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Christmas Wreath

Grapevine Base. If the rustic chic look is what you are going for, a grapevine base is a great choice. Add a burlap bow along with pinecones and red berries for a nice holiday touch. In addition to being rustic, it can also be made with all natural materials that are environmentally friendly.

Chevron Burlap. With a traditional wreath base you can decide if you want the whole wreath to be chevron or if you want to add chevron burlap bow to a wreath wrapped in traditional burlap. Some add a monogrammed letter to the bow while others may add a sign in the middle. This wreath can be used year round or specifically for the holiday season.

Chevron Ribbon Rolls

Ornament Wreath. To make this wreath, you will have to dedicate some time to tightly securing the ornaments while being gentle with them. The end result is worth it. There are so many ornaments to choose from that you can choose to design it any way that suits you. Add some garland or burlap ribbon for added holiday detail.

Poinsettia Wreath. It makes sense to add the signature holiday flower to the signature holiday door decoration. The vibrant red of poinsettia is a great match to a wreath wrapped in bubble burlap. Adding leaves and possibly some ribbon is guaranteed to turn a few heads as they pass your door.

Jutemill would love to help you bring your vision of a perfect wreath to life. Visit us for all your burlap and jute twine needs. Have fun decorating and creating the most talked about door this season.