When most people think about the useful products produced by chickens, feathers do not typically come to mind. In fact, in most cases, feathers are considered the most wasted by-product of chickens. However there are many uses for chicken feathers that include several costume items:

Chicken feathers

1. Feather boas

2. Earrings

3. Masks

4. Floral arrangements

It is estimated that 2-3 billion feathers from chickens are produced each year. Each feather contains keratin, which is also found in hair, wool, horns, and hoofs. This opens up a number of other possibilities that chicken feathers could be used for such as:

1. Diapers

2. Pillows and Upholstery Stuffing

3. Insulation

4. Paper and Plastics

The structure of chicken feathers allows it to absorb a large amount of moisture and makes it naturally stable and durable. There are many ideas in the works for the uses of chicken feathers. They can be heated and mixed in with other materials to make plastic and some companies have experimented with using chicken feathers in clothing and makeup.

Feather dusters, such as the ones sold by Jutemill are another product made from chicken feathers. The feathers are very effective at collecting dust from a variety of areas in the kitchen, living room, or the car. Dust collected is also easily repelled instead of locking it in as with the case with other types of dusters. Our chicken feather duster allows you to reach dust in many different places and is also eco-friendly. For a long-lasting and effective alternative for your dusting needs, visit our store for your duster today.