As stated in previous blogs, many people are making a big push to live green. Adopted lifestyle changes associated with living green are commonly known:

1. Recycling
2. Energy Conservation
3. Purchasing Biodegradable Products
4. Reducing Carbon Footprint

Buying local is yet another way that people have committed to. Purchasing items from local farms or farmer’s markets keeps the local economy booming and as we have previously discussed, reduces the need to transport items from different places. This cuts down on emissions put into the environment. Further, buying locally provides local access to organic foods. The demand for organic foods has led to over 5 million acres of certified organic land and an increased number of jobs created. The high demand has also led to other growing trends including the following.

Organic Seed Use

It would be difficult to make a claim to organic foods without the use of organic seeds. There are now electronic means of being able to find places to purchase organic seeds to keep the organic foods growing.

Crop Biodiversity

Surely everyone can relate to going to the grocery store and seeing rows of vegetables and fruits that all look the same, but from different sources. However, it is now possible and beneficial to sustainability to grow different varieties.

Better Soil Quality

Harmful pesticides and fertilizers being replaced with natural items such as manure and compost produces soil that is of higher nutrients. This also means it is better quality. The plants that are produced are healthier and it provides better protection for the environment.

Utilization of Renewable Energy

Wind turbines are used on many farms as the energy source to maintain them. Some will use solar power to grow crops, which is cheaper, effective, and great for the environment. Further, biomass energy is created from plants and organic wastes. Energy companies purchase this energy to fuel cars and tractors and for heat and power.

Buying organically does more than most people think. It is better for our bodies and does a lot of our earth as well. Most people would have never guessed that organic crops would be used to make energy, which goes to show that there will be much more to gain from it.