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Burlap Ribbon Rolls - 3 inch x 10 yards



Size about 3-inch x 10 yards burlap ribbon, 7oz fabric per square yards.
Made of natural jute.
Used for decorations, table runners, crafts and much more.
Suitable for gift wrapping, floral arrangements, bow making and so on.
100% high-quality Natural, Organic and Environmentally Friendly material.
  • 1.5 inch x 10 yards - $6.49
  • 2.5 inch x 10 yards - $7.99
  • 3 inch x 10 yards - $8.49
  • 3.5 inch x 10 yards - $8.75
  • 4 Inch X 10 yards - $8.99
  • 4.5 Inch X 10 Yards - $9.45
  • 5 Inch X 10 Yards - $9.99

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AAYU Brand Premium Burlap Ribbon | 3 inch x 10 yards | 7oz Fabric | 100% Natural Burlap Mesh Ribbon, Burlap Wreath Ribbon, Wreath Making Burlap | Eco-Friendly, Natural, Organic Product Our Burlap Ribbon is about 3 inch x 10 yards and 7oz fabric per square yards. Burlap mesh ribbon is 100% Natural, Organic and Environmental Friendly. Burlap rolls, Burlap has become a hot trend in home decorating as well as in wedding decor. Burlap ribbons can take everyday objects and transform them into something chic and classic. Burlap is not just for country decor anymore! Wrap them around an ordinary candle, glass, or a clay pot for an instant touch of class. Make sexy wreath, classic piece of art. Tie it into a bow, or hang a wreath with it. They are easy to work with and so versatile. Lovers of burlap are mixing the fabric with other fabrics to make original and creative designs. There are also a myriad of ways for bride to work it into rustic wedding decor.