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Burlap Fabric Rolls - 36 Inch 5 Yards



100% high quality, natural, and environmentally friendly material.
Made from natural jute fibers. Size: 36 inch 10-ounce x 5 yards.
These burlap roll used to cover your plants from freezing.
In all burlap, both the edges are even and smaller gaps between each fiber result in high-quality appearance.
These wide burlaps can be used as the weed barrier, table runners, home or garden netting.
  • 36 Inch X 10 Yards - $34.99
  • 36 Inch X 5 Yards - $17.00

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AAYU Brand Premium Burlap Roll | 36 inches 10 Ounce x 5 Yards | Eco-friendly Natural Jute Product The burlap is suitable for printing your party quotes. And it goes well with your creative handcrafted making. Our table runners for parties are the preferred pick for quite a number of reasons. (1) The natural burlap roll is a right choice for weed barrier, Garden netting, and cover your furniture etc. (2) They're lightweight, rustic and easy to clean. (3) Spot Clean, Ready to bring a bit of country charm to your party supplies.