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Heavy Burlap Roll - 2 Yards



Our Heavy Duty Burlap is 100% biodegradable.
Heavy Duty Burlap is about 28-inch x 2 yards.
You can recycle it, use it for gardening purpose.
Our Burlap helps you to protect erosion.
It does not have any artificial color. Easy to use, environment-friendly.
  • 28 Inch x 10 yards - $24.99
  • 23 Inch x 25 yards - $49.99
  • 28 inch x 2 yards. - $8.99

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AAYU Brand Premium Heavy Burlap | 2 Yards Burlap | Eco-Friendly, Natural, Organic Product | No Artificial Color, 100% Biodegradable

Our Heavy Duty Burlap is the high quality burlap rolls you can find in Amazon. AAYU's Premium Heavy Duty Burlap measures about 28 inch x 2 yards. It's the Sag less burlap by the 2 yards and Sack making Burlap. It does not give a bad smell. The quality of this burlap is made with a nice tight weave and clean quality jute threads. You can trust the quality of the product, which is 100% natural, biodegradable and environment-friendly.