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Jute Rope 150feet



Key Features
3ply 150 feet Unique Natural Jute Twine is 100% Natural product and Biodegradable
Odorless best quality jute rope
Jute Twine 3 ply x 150 feet
Our jute rope has the high quality, perfect thickness, light weight, easy to carry and no bad smell
Jute Twine used for vines, plants, and vegetables. Jute Rope is popular for recycling, handyman, kitchen, gardening, and crafts unique over wrap

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Only 5 left

  • 100 Feet - $4.49
  • 150 Feet - $5.50
  • 200 Feet - $5.88

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AAYU™ Brand Premium High Quality Jute Rope, Jute Twine | Jute Garden Twine | 3 Ply 150 Feet | Best Quality Unique Colored Garden Twine | Supports Vines, Plants and Vegetables Pottery Product

Our AAYU Brand Premium Jute Twine, Gardening Twine has 3ply 150 ft Garden Twine It's a natural, food grade, no Bad smell and ease to use eco-friendly product.

Jute Twine: Jutemill Pull-From-The-Center pack twine is the most popular twine in the country Popular for recycling, handyman, kitchen, gardening, and crafts Unique over wrap offers customers a dispensing feature that keeps twine clean and tangle free.

More Features:

  1. Sizes about 150 feet.
  2. Garden twine used to support your vines, plants, and vegetables pottery product manufactured in Bangladesh.
  3. Natural 3 ply Green color jute great for use in the garden.
  4. AAYU's Jute Twine is 100% natural jute product and biodegradable.
  5. No hazardous chemicals are used.