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Liner Roll 7 OZ



  • 100% high-quality Natural, Organic and Environmentally friendly material
  • Made from Natural Jute fibers
  • Used for party decorations, table runners, DIY, crafts weed barrier and much more
  • Suitable for gift wrapping, floral arrangements, bow making and so on

Only 4 left


Only 4 left

  • 40 Inch X 50 Yards - $63.74
  • 40 Inch X 10 Yards - $29.99
  • 40 Inch X 8 Yards - $24.98
  • 40 Inch X 16 Yards - $39.99

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Burlap fabric is 100% Natural and bio-degradable. Our brown burlap table runners can be suitable for fall in spring, summer, and winter! When it comes to bridal shower decorations and table decoration for a wedding, it makes the occasion very beautiful, you really can't go wrong with a hessian table runner. They're lightweight, natural, rustic and easy to clean.


Sewn edges avoid fraying and unwinding. Not recommended for machine wash - spot clean only.



  • Used as table runners or floor covering for party decorations.
  • Fitting your craft work, more beautiful and cost-effective.
  • The right choice for a weed barrier in your garden.
  • Apt for material wrapping in an eco-friendly way.
  • Use to cover the plants or crops to protect from the frost.
  • Used for shade screens in the home.
  •  Suitable for pack all kinds of agricultural products.