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Natural Jute Rope 3Ply 400 Feet



  • MATERIAL: Natural Jute Twine. The twines made of 3 ply, which is very sturdy and durable use.
  • USE: Jute is both soft and strong, ideal for gift box packaging, pendant gift tags, hanging pictures with wooden clothespins, hanging Chinese lanterns and making banners.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Jute fiber is recyclable and thus an environmentally friendly alternative to using synthetic fibers. It is an Eco-friendly option that delivers an attractive village art-decoration appeal to any item.
  • USE IT ANYWHERE: Our jute rope is suitable for Industrial, Packaging, Arts & Crafts, Gifts, Decoration, Bundling, Gardening, Home; Anywhere you want.
  • 3ply-500-feet - $11.98
  • 3ply-400-feet - $9.49

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You can pick our jute twine for the following reasons:

  • Use it for photo display, beautiful gift boxes and gift packs.
  • Use it as a gift on a ribbon and some craft accents.
  • Suitable for decorative bottle. Perfect for wedding invitation embellishment.
  • Hang up as the gift tag.
  • Used to hold tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables in the garden.