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Natural Jute Twine 4ply 300ft



Perfect thickness and lightweight recommended for packing agricultural products
100% high-quality Odorless material, Organic and Environmental friendly product.
Made from Natural Jute fibers.
Size: 4ply 300ft with natural Jute Burlap Rope.
Jute rope supports for Vines, Wine Bottle Decoration Photo Display, Great Crafting Tool and Gift Box Wrapping
  • 4ply-400ft - $8.99
  • 4ply-300ft - $7.50

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AAYU Brand Premium Burlap Jute Twine | 4ply 300ft | Best Quality Heavy Jute Rope Gardening Twine | Eco-Friendly, Natural Jute Burlap Rope AAYU Brand Premium High-Quality Jute Twine (or) Jute Strings is 4ply 300 feet Natural jute twine. Garden twine - Food Grade - No Bad smell Like the name suggests, this AAYU Jute Spring Twine is primarily used in upholstery for tying springs. This twine is the best for this purpose and has been used by upholsterers for years. It’s sold approximately 300 feet per spool. 100% Natural product. Embellish beautiful floral arrangements and create sweet little tags with this wonderfully-rustic Jute Twine. If you have a particular love of vintage or enjoy the concepts of the countryside, then this beautiful, high-quality ribbon is perfect for adding an extra little edge for decorations, embellishments, gifts and more! Plant the final touches on your wedding venue with a few simple tugs and a snip of scissors. Complete the look of your rustic wedding and let the good times reveal themselves. Size: 300 feet ideal for floral arrangements and gift tags. Rustic appearance. Uses: The use of Craft Twine is to wrap gift boxes. Use it as ribbon on presents and as an accent on some of the crafts. Use this to hang gift tags. Great for its use to decorate wine bottles. Using the jute twine to wrap around glasses and favors for a wedding shower and it looks rustic and fantastic. Perfect for wedding invitation embellishment. It can also be used in Photo Display, Great crafting tool, very beautiful and Fantastic. Garden Twine is used in the garden to hold tomatoes, cucumbers, and other veggies. This twine is strong, but not rough, so it does not damage the delicate vines. Packing Materials: Our Jute Twine is Best packing materials for the gift box.