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72 Inch X 15 Feet Gardening Burlap Liners, 90 Sq Ft (6 FT W X 15 FT L) Loose Weave Jute-Burlap for Raised Bed, Seed Cover and Garden Fabric (72 Inch X 15 feet, 72"x15'L)

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    Jutemill Burlap garden fabric for your gardening, these burlap is great natural grass fiber fabric for all liners requirement to raised bed , seeding covering, edging and protect your plants from wind and sun we offer 6 sizes (W) burlap you can choose one of them for your protects plants 36" in width 15ft in length to 7 2" in width 15ft in length

    • Material : Jute-Burlap, Pure natural fiber product
    • Size : 36" x 15 feet to 72" x 15 feet folded packing
    • Weaving ; Plain weaved about 8 x 9 Thread per square inch
    • Use : Gardening- Raised bed, Cover, blanket , netting , Wind break ,shade and many more
    • Craft and hobby ; DIY material for table runner, Ribbon, Rustic decor and many more great ideas
    Plant or Animal Product Type Shrub & Hedge
    Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor
    Brand Jutemill
    Material Feature Jute
    Color Tan
    Special Feature Drought Tolerant
    Expected Blooming Period Summer to Fall
    Unit Count 1 Count
    Soil Type Sandy Soil
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    72 Inch X 15 Feet Gardening Burlap Liners
    90 Sq Ft (6 FT W X 15 FT L) Loose Weave
    Jute-Burlap for Raised Bed, Seed Cover
    Garden Fabric (72 Inch X 15 feet, 72"x15&
    Gardening Burlap Roll - Multipurpose
    Natural Burlap Fabric, High Density Jute
    Burlap Erosion Control Liner Erosion Control
    Erosion Control Blankets Burlap Netting Mesh
    Burlap Erosion Control Liners Erosion Control Blanket
    Burlap Garden Fabric
    Erosion Control Blanket - Straw Garden and Landscape Cover
    Burlap Fabric roll | 14" Wide x 15 feet long-roll
    Burlap Fabric Roll - Garden Burlap Fabric Roll
    Natural Burlap Fabric Roll, 72 Inch
    Natural Burlap Tree Protector Wraps
    Natural Burlap Fabric, Burlap Fabric roll with Finished Edges
    Natural Jute Burlap Fabric, Garden Burlap Roll
     Burlap Roll Multipurpose Burlap
    Burlap Tree Wrap High Density Jute Fiber
    72 Inches Wide Burlap Fabric
    Long-Burlap Garden & Plant Fabric
    Natural Burlap Fabric, Burlap Jute Fabric Blanket
    Natural Burlap Garden Fabric Premium Jute Liner
     Natural Burlap Plant Covers
    Freeze Protection,Burlap Winter Frost Plant Blankets
    Winter Burlap Plant Covers Bags Warm
    Plant Bags with Drawstring Large Burlap Sack Plant
    Burlap Roll Jute Fabric with Twines
    Natural Burlap Tree Wrap Rolls
    Antifreeze Erosion Control Blanket for Plant High
    Multipurpose Natural Burlap Fabric - for Decorations,
    Gardening Burlap Roll,High Density Jute Material
    Natural Burlap Fabric Roll,Gardening Burlap
    atural Burlap Fabric 72 Inches Wide
    Gardening Burlap Fabric, Winter Frost Natrual Burlap Plant Covers Freeze
    Natural Burlap Garden Fabric Premium Jute Liner